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20,000 Hour Light Bulbs are incandescent light bulbs with an Average Rated Life of 20,000 Hours. Many 20,000 Hour Light Bulbs utilize Krypton Gas are 120 volt and have reinforced C-9 Sign Lamp Filament Designs to achieve their long life. The incandescent light bulb or incandescent lamp makes light by passing electric current through a wire filament in a glass envelope filled with an inert gas. The filament resists the electrical current and produces a glow (incandesces). One of the by-products of this production of light is heat. Incandescence is the emission of light (visible electromagnetic radiation) from a hot body due to its temperature. The term derives from the verb incandesce, to glow white.
65BR30FL/120V/20M 65 Watt 20,000 Hour BR30 Flood E26 Base
Our Price: $5.90
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65BR30FL/120V/20M E26 BASE, 65BR30FL 20,000 HOUR, 20,000 HOUR INDOOR FLOOD
65BR30FL/120V/20M E26 BASE - 65  Watt BR30 Flood 120 Volt, Medium Base 20,000 Hour