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2A001 Miniature Bulb G1.27 Base 3A001 Miniature Bulb G1.27 Base
Our Price: $0.38
Our Price: $0.48
2A001 Miniature Bulb G1.27 Base,T1, 2.7V, 0.86W,WK42003,#42003,EIKO#42003,LM2A001,#2A001 3A001 Miniature Bulb G1.27 Base,T1, 1.35V, 0.43W, 42005,#42005,EIKO#42005, 42005 Flashlight Bulb,#3A001 Flashlight Bulb, #3A001 Mini Bulb, #3A001 Mini Lamp, CEC #3A001, 3A001 Miniature Lamp, #3A001 Auto Bulb, #3A001 Auto Lamp
2A001 Miniature Bulb G1.27 Base - 2.7 Volt 0.32 Amp 0.86 Watt T-1 Miniature Bulb G1.27 Base, 5 Hour 3A001 Miniature Bulb G1.27 Base - 1.35 Volt 0.32 Amp 0.432 Watt T-1 G1.27 Base, 5 Hour
CB44 G1.27 Bi-Pin Base
Our Price: $1.00
CB44 G1.27 Bi-Pin Base, JKL#CB44, CB44
CB44 G1.27 Bi-Pin Base - 14 Volt 0.04 Amp T-1 G1.27 Bi-Pin Base. 1.13 Lumens, 0.090 MSCP. C-2F Filament Design. 10,000 Hour
G1.27 Bi-Pin Base light bulbs are bulbs that have a two pin (Bi-Pin) base. Bi-Pin Base bulbs are denoted by the letter G (as it applies to a base determination, NOT shape which denotes a globe lamp or bulb). The letter G is followed by a number which designates the gap width (from center to center) between the pins of the base in millimeters. A G1.27 Bi-Pin Base bulb has a gap width between its two pins (center to center) of 1.27 millimeters.