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#1501 Miniature Bulb P15s30B Base #1561 Miniature Bulb P15s30B Base
Our Price: $1.20
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Our Price: $1.95
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#1501 Miniature Bulb P15S Base, RP11 5.9V 6.36A SC BAY,1501,#1501,#1501 Bulb, #1501 Lamp, #1501 Miniature Lamp, #1501 Indicator #1561 Miniature Bulb P15S30 Base, S11 P15S30 6.3V 4A, 1561, #1561, #1561 Bulb, #1561 Lamp, #1561 Miniature Lamp, #1561 Indicator,#27431, TD100, TD203A, TD205, 8000072
#1501 Miniature Bulb P15S Base - 5.9 Volt 6.36 Amp RP-11 SC Prefocus Base, 200 Hour #1561 Miniature Bulb P15S30 Base - 6.3 Volt 4 Amp 25.2 Watt S-11 Single Contact Prefocus P15S30 Base, C-8Z Filament Design. 2.38" Maximum Overall Length. 1,500 Average Rated Hours.
WIKO BRS (.75A/4V) Exciter Lamp P15S30 Base BXA (7.5A/10V) Exciter Lamp P15S30 Base
Our Price: $2.70
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Our Price: $2.85
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WIKO BRS (.75A/4V) Exciter Lamp P15S30 Base, BRS Exciter Bulb, Wiko# 00310, GE#70002, Philips #7253C, Osram #8004, USHIO #8000264 BXA (7.5A/10V) Exciter Lamp P15S30 Base, 7.5A/T8SCP, Marble Brand BXA Exciter Lamp
WIKO BRS (.75A/4V) Exciter Lamp P15S30 Base - 50 Watt 5 Amp 10 Volt T8 Sound Reproduction Exciter Lamp, Ba15S Base, 100 Hour BXA (7.5A/10V) Exciter Lamp P15S30 Base - 75 Watt 7.5 Amp 10 Volt T8 Exciter Lamp, 100 Hour
Single Contact (S.C.) Prefocus Base P15s30B has one contact on the bottom of the base. The base itself has a diameter of 15mm (0.59"). The P15s30B Base has a prefocus ring with a diameter of approximately 30mm (1.18") that encircles the base. Prefocus Base Bulbs with the letter "B" indicates that the distance from the bottom of the focus ring or collar to the bottom of the base contact is 9/16. Bulbs that belong to this category include but are not limited to #1321,#1327,#1501,#1561,55A/S8,77A/S8 and BRS and BXA.