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#4156LL Miniature Bulb S.F. Wedge Base
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#4156LL Miniature Bulb D.F. Wedge Base, S8 Wedge 12.8/14V 2.23/0.59A 24/2CP Long, 4156LL Miniature Bulb,#4156LL, 4156LL,#4156LL Bulb, #4156LL Miniature, #4156LL Lamp,#4156LL Indicator, #4156LL Miniature Lamp,#4156LL Automotive Bulb,CEC#4156LL
#4156LL Miniature Bulb S.F. Wedge Base - 12.8 Volt 2.23 Amp 28.54 Watt Long Life S-8, S.F. Plastic Wedge Base, 4,000 Hours
S.F. Plastic Wedge Base (W2.5x16d) bulbs can be found on S-8 shape miniature lamps that have a single filament (S.F.). These bulbs are typically found in applications that require only one level of brightness.