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Germicidal Lamps

Germicidal lamps are specialty bulbs that create Ultraviolet Radiation, which can be used to:

  • Sterilize a surface or workspace
  • Create ozone for water disinfection
  • Kill microorganisms

This UV sterilizer bulb is often used by research and medical facilities, waste water treatment facilities, and aquariums. Germicidal lamps are a perfect example of how light can do more than simply illuminate an area.

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Superior Germicidal Bulb from EiKO

The UV germicidal lamp products available here at BulbTown are produced by EiKO. Their germicidal lamps are built to offer an alternative to chemical sterilization. EiKO lamps are created with UV emitting glass that is capable of producing a 253.7nm UVC wavelength, which is considered optimal for sterilization.

Use Proper Protection with a UV Germicidal Lamp

Germicidal lamps should be handled and used with extreme caution. Because they emit Ultraviolet Radiation, a UV germicidal lamp should only be used in fixtures that provide adequate protection, and exposure should be avoided. Germicidal lamps should not be used for illumination purposes and should not be operated without protective equipment. When handling, always wear hand and eye protection to limit the risk of skin and eye injury.

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